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Guided Walks

Guided walks are designed to help you use walking as a tool to heal.  You choose where you walk and use the  guided walk’s activities and instruction to help you work towards healing yourself. Each guided walk also includes photo prompts to increase mindfulness on your walks and journal questions to help you go deeper once you have completed your walk.  

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Trails are collections of walks designed to work together to create an experience that helps you to deal with a specific issue. Each trail has a separate Facebook group for you to more easily connect with others who are working on the same theme as you. Trails can be taken through a guided email series for those wanting some structure and support or they can be taken at your own pace.

Walking Theme - Grief
Finding solace and peace through walking
Walking Theme Magic
Everyday magic
The art of finding magic in ordinary things
Walking Theme - Gratitude
The gratefulness sessions
Fill Your Life with gratitude


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