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My Story

While coping with a breakup that shook my world, I made a promise to myself to take 100 walks (read my story). I was not okay but I knew that if I could make it through 100 walks I would be. Those walks taught me how to heal & set my heart on fire. They are the reason I built this site – a place for us to create a community of people using walking to heal & grow.

Are you ready to change your life through the simple act of walking? Take the 100 Walks Challenge!

Committing to the goal of 100 walks is the first step to creating a life-changing walking practice.

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Walking & photography: tools to deepen your experience

We use two tools here at 100 walks. The first is walking. Walking allows us to create movement in our life both figuratively and literally. It puts us in situations where we see and experience new things. It is a simple activity that helps us to overcome issues and increase our gratitude

The second tool is photography. Don’t worry, there is no need to be a master photographer here. We use photography to document our walks. This serves us by helping us to slow down and look closer at our surroundings. It also serves as a way to document our journeys.

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The key to joy: intentionally enriching your life

I have taken many 100s of walks since making the decision to take my first 100. I’ve learned that if you can bring intentional energy, even the tiniest sliver of energy (literally if you can take one step forward), your life will raise up to meet and support you. To make this a little easier, we focus on three core areas to help enrich our lives: Cultivating Joy, Tending to Ourselves & Nature and Creating Opportunities for Exploration.

Cultivate Awe

Tend to yourself and nature
Create Opportunities for Exploration
Create opportunities
for exploration

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