My Story

Kate in Nature

I began walking after a breakup. I was tired and sad and had no idea how to move forward in my life. My pain made me seek out places where I could be alone with it. I began to walk simply because it offered me an opportunity to be alone, unseen.

There was honestly nothing felt good about my walks in the beginning. But something about putting one foot in front of the other over and over again began to help me. When everything felt like it was disintegrating, moving forward reminded me that there was a place for hope and that little bit of hope kept me going.

Walking alone was a comfort. I did not have to hide my feelings, I didn’t have to hold them in. I yelled if I wanted to yell. I cried if I wanted to cry. I laid down on the earth and surrendered when that felt like the only thing I could do.

My First photo

And then one day I looked down and saw a snail. And a tiny spark of joy surfaced, a feeling of awe. The feeling had been missing so long that it shocked me. And so I started documenting my walks. I documented them because it forced me to look for the beauty around me. I documented them because every photo was an act of gratitude. I documented them because it was a way to honor life even when life felt hard.

And slowly I got better. Every walk I took helped me in some way.

Soon after I decided that I would take 100 Walks. I did not know how I was going to make it through what I was going through but I knew that if I actually took 100 Walks I would be in a better place. Simply having that goal of 100 Walks gave me an assurance that one day things would be okay and that was what I needed to believe.

Every once in a while I pull up pictures from those walks and marvel at all the beautiful moments I experienced because I made the decision to take 100 Walks. I stood facing the wind as storm fronts rolled in. I sang to elk. I watched ice flow down vast rivers. I learned how to tame dragonflies. I found hidden oasis and relics from the past. I walked through neighborhoods I had never heard of. I was healed by the trees, and the sky and the sun. The list goes on and on.

And maybe I wasn’t always happy in these moments, but I did learn to allow the natural world to support me in whatever state I was in. I can now whisper to the trees when I need to open up, I can touch the warm earth and ask for comfort, I can let the wind drag my worries from me and I can look out over a horizon and give thanks.

And so I started this blog, to share my experiences but more so to connect with others that are using these modalities to heal or grow. This is what I want more of in my life and this blog is my telling the Universe that I am ready.