Join the 100 Walks Challenge

Are you ready to create a walking practice that will change your life?

Walking has the power to help you create a more fulfilling life. Pledge to take 100 Walks and begin your journey today.

What is the 100 Walks Challenge?

This challenge is designed to inspire you to walk more and commit to a long-term walking goal. Did you know that walking can boost your immune function or that walking can make you a more creative thinker? Those are only a few examples of how a simple walking practice can help you create a happier life. Join the challenge to get started today.

By joining this challenge you are committing to creating a deeper walking practice for yourself.

As a challenge-taker, you’ll receive support and motivation through periodic emails filled with tips and ideas for your walks, but the challenge is simply to take 100 Walks, however that works best for you.

Participant’s Walks

“Once I dreamt of a form of poetry created by the sound of feet walking in the grass.” –   Cecilia Vicuna

What you get when you join.

  • Membership to the 100 Walks Club on Facebook
  • 3 free guided walks to help you get started
  • Periodic email prompts filled with encouragement & ideas
  • A Walk Tracker
  • A Special Spotify playlist to play on your walks

Earn the Badge

Everyone who completes the 100 Walks Challenge earns the challenge badge. Use it as a reminder of all of your walks and the change you created in your life by pursuing the goal of 100 Walks.

Questions & Answers

How long does the challenge last?

As long as you need it to. The 100 Walks Challenge does not have any timeline. You set your own pace. You can do them all in a few months or spend years doing them.

Do I have to photograph my walks?

You do not have to photograph your walks but I highly recommend doing it. Besides the fact that you will have beautiful images to look back at, always photographing your walks serves as a reminder to look more closely, slow down when you see something that affects you and honor what you do see.

How do I get my badge when I complete 100 walks?

Just email kate@100walks with the subject line “I did it!”.

Does the challenge cost anything?

No way! The challenge is absolutely free.

What if I want to use the guided walks for this challenge?

Guided walks are a great way to plan your challenge experience. You get 3 free guided walks when you join the challenge. You can access all of the guided walks and trails with a 100 Walks Community membership.

Where can I share photos from my walks?

Sharing them in the 100 Walks club on Facebook is a great way to connect with other challenge takers. You can also use the hashtag #100WalksChallenge on Instagram and Twitter if you want to share them in a more public manner.