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Feeling lost, exhausted or simply just a little worn? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve designed a simple challenge to get you started on a life-transforming journey of walking to heal.

Did you know that walking can boost your immune function or that walking can make you a more creative thinker? Those are only a few examples of how a simple walking practice can help you mend & create a happier life.

This free challenge is designed to help you learn how to use walking as a tool for healing.   Over the course of 3 walks you’ll explore how nature can be an ally on your journey, how to use mindfulness to give yourself some relief from the pain you are feeling & how to tap into the power of gratitude to change your mindset.

As you start to walk on the way, the way appears. – Rumi

How It Works

Thinking of joining us? Wonderful – the Healing Walks Challenge is a great way to kickstart your healing journey! All we ask is that you take 3 walks and approach them with an open mind and heart. You can take these walks wherever and whenever you would like (we keep it pretty simple around here).

What You Get When You Join

Guided Walks

You'll get 3 guided walks that include a walk guide and themed photography and journal prompts.

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Gratitude With Every Step

Bring your focus to the things you are grateful for by giving thanks.

Moments Of Peace

Focus your awareness to bring yourself into the present moment.

In the Shelter of Trees

Start with a simple walk. Release expectations and just allow yourself to experience what comes.

Printable Walk Logs

We’ll send you a printable walk logs to use after you complete each walk.  These walk logs include a journal prompt to help you reflect more deeply on your walk theme.

100 Walks Facebook Group Membership

Our Facebook group is a great place to connect with fellow walkers, get support & share your own photos & experience.

Challenge FAQs

How long does the challenge last?

As long as you need it to. The Healing Walks Challenge does not have any timeline. You set your own pace. You can do them all in a few months or spend years doing them.

What is a guided walk?

Think of a guided walk as a tool you can use explore a theme that can help you work towards healing.  Our guided walks all include guidance/creative ideas for your walk, a photography prompt to use while walking and a journal prompt to help you explore the theme in a deeper way after your walk is done.  All our guided walks can be accessed online.

Why is photography a part of the guided walks?

We include a photography prompt in every guided walk because we see photography as one of the most accessible tools for creating a mindful walking experience. You do not have to photograph your walks but we highly recommend doing it. You will have beautiful images to look back at and photographing your walks serves as a reminder to look closer, slow down and honor what you see.

Does the challenge cost anything?

No way! The challenge is absolutely free. We want to inspire as many people as possible to access the healing power of walking.

Where can I share photos and thoughts about my walks?

Sharing your photos and thoughts in the 100 Walks club on Facebook is a great way to connect with other challenge takers.  You get free access to the group when you join the challenge.  You can also use the hashtag #HealingWalksChallenge on Instagram and Twitter if you want to share them in a more public manner.

Do I get anything if I complete the challenge?

We’ve designed a special badge for Healing Walks Challenge completers.  Once your done just send us your info via the form in your challenge packet and we’ll email you your badge.  You can share it on social or simply keep it as a reminder of what you’ve accomplished.

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