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A healing space focused on helping you move towards joy

Move Towards Joy

You deserve a safe & supportive space to deal with stress, grief, loss or simply the struggles that come with every day life. The 100 Walks Community is designed to do just that with an emphasis on moving toward joy and a richer, fuller life. Join today and get support & motivation from an encouraging community of fellow walkers.

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The Experience

Your First 100 Walks

Walking has the power to transform your life.  The core mission of the 100 Walks Community is to help you create a lifelong walking practice that is imbued with healing tools & practices. It all begins with one walk and a commitment to take 100 more.  It doesn’t end there but having a goal of 100 walks allows you the space to be where you are now and the knowing that after 100 walks you will have had the space & time to heal and will have experienced deep transformation.

Seasonal Workshops to Support & Motivate You

As a community we spend 'seasons' deep diving into subjects to support our healing & enrich our lives. Our seasons focus on specific themes such as kindling awe, letting go and embracing joy. As a member you'll have access to activities & online events designed to help you dive deeper on the current theme. You can also take place in the season's challenge & earn a badge for each one you complete.

Guided Walks to Help You Create a Deeper Walking Practice

100 Walks community members get access to all a library of guided walks, designed to help you work on specific areas of your life using walking and photography as tools for change.

Each walk includes instructions related to the walking theme, photography prompts and reflection questions with a downloadable worksheet.

Guided walks allow you to go at your own pace, customizing your journey as much as you want.

Access to Our 100 Walks Challenge for Foundational Support

Included in your membership is access to the 100 Walks Program (a $349 value). This program teaches you how to approach walking to heal through activities, excercises & walks!

A Supportive Community to Help You Walk Through the Hard Times & Celebrate Your Success

We are creating a space where community can flourish and thrive. Share your struglles and acoomplishments, get support and give support, connect in live events & even watch member walks online.

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What is the good of your stars and trees, your sunrise and the wind, if they do not enter into our daily lives?
~ E. M. Forster

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Meet Your Guide

My walking journey began on a whim and I will forever be grateful that I kept walking long enough to realize how healing it can be.  I created this community because I feel called to share what I have learned with others. Walking opens up so many opportunities to explore your feelings and the more you walk the more you realize how much it lends itself to certain things like increasing gratitude, practicing mindfulness & connecting with nature.  My approach to helping others create a walking practice is to incorporate all three of these while still keeping it simple.  There are going to be days when you can explore deeply  & there are going to be days when just walking is enough. It’s a beautiful journey.

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When we open our doors again you’ll be the first to hear!
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