Walk to Heal

Access the restorative powers of nature, gratitude & mindfulness through the simple act of walking.

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What Is 100 Walks?

We walk to heal. 🌻 Every member of our community starts with a single walk 🥾 and a goal to take 100 more, knowing that step by step we move towards joy.

Today you may not feel okay (and that’s okay). Walking is a way to move forward. Imagine how you will feel once you reach 100 Walks. ☀️ How will those walks will have changed your life for the better?

We rely on nature🍃, mindfulness✨, and gratitude🙌 to help support  us as we build our walking practice. These core tools are at the heart of every walk we take. Get started today with one of our free walking challenges to learn more.

Why Walk?

Walk to Deepen Your Connection to Nature

The wind teaches us lessons.  The sun-warmed earth can support us in our most challenging times. Walking gives us the ideal opportunity to grow our relationship with nature.

Walk to Foster Your Sense of Gratitude

Research has shown that cultivating gratitude can have incredible benefits for your sense of well-being.  We take an intentional approach to gratitude with every walk.

Walk to Practice Mindfulness

Walking itself creates the perfect space to practice mindfulness. We use tools like photography, writing & daydreaming to increase our awareness of what we experience on our walks.

A Step by Step Approach to Healing

The Tools You Need to Access the Transformative Power of Walking